At Lichtenberg Capital, our investment approach embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, built on the foundations of partnership, trust, and a mutual commitment to success. Our engagement with portfolio companies transcends traditional capital investment; we consider ourselves co-entrepreneurs, working hand in hand with our partners. By offering both equity and operational expertise, we aim to assist in navigating through tough times and setting a course for renewed growth.
We hold a firm belief that creating genuine value is a collaborative endeavor. Thus, our investment philosophy is focused on forging transformative success stories and generating sustainable value for all stakeholders. This collaborative spirit permeates every stage of our relationship with our partners, from the initial evaluation of an investment opportunity to the strategy for exit.



Our attention is centered on uncovering opportunities linked to special situations, viewing these periods not merely as challenges but as avenues for lasting transformation and strategic expansion.

We invest in companies that meet the following criteria:

Typical Investment opportunities:
We operate across all industries and searching for partnerships in various sectors.



At Lichtenberg Capital, sustainability is at the core of our actions. We embrace social responsibility, viewing our operations not just as a means to secure attractive returns but also as a commitment to positively impact both society and the environment. Our approach to sustainable investing mirrors our belief that financial success and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive but can indeed complement each other.
For us, sustainability is a mandate, not merely an option.
This ethos is woven into every stage of our investment process. From scouting potential investment opportunities, through the due diligence phase, and into the ongoing support of our portfolio companies, we place a high priority on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

As a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Lichtenberg Capital actively contributes towards fostering a sustainable financial ecosystem, aligning our investment practices with global efforts to promote long-term value creation that benefits all stakeholders.
Lichtenberg Capital, Sustainable Development Goals


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